The Little Book of Stain Removal – PREORDER


Some of what will be covered in the book :

  • Instructions on how to remove OVER 50 different common household stains
  • General to-dos and not-to-dos when it comes to removing stains
  • How to remove unidentified stains
  • What to do when a stain strikes and you’re not at home
  • The main stain categories
  • How to soak
  • Removing stains on white clothes
  • Removing stains on coloured clothes
  • Removing stains on delicates
  • How to test to see if your garment will need specialist attention
  • What to have in your stain removal kit
    • Including tried and tested home remedies
  • A guide to flushing stains
  • Why an irremovable stain isn’t the end of the world
    • How to cover stains that can’t be removed/ Repurposing garments beyond repair
  • Glossary


This item will come in the form of a physical book, and will be released in early August. The money will come out of your account upon placing the order, as I’m using the money to pay for the publishing and shipping and whatnot!


When you’ve just thrown tea all over yourself, or a big dollop of hair dye drops onto your lovely white (handmade!) top, your first reaction is going to be blind panic – or at least mine has been in the past, anyway! We go to the internet to try and figure out what should be done, but there are so many different opinions that it all ends up being more confusing… which is why I decided to write this book! After lots of research and pouring all sorts of things on all sorts of fabric scraps and trying to get them out, I’ve put all of my knowledge into this book for you, so that you’ll be able to tackle any sort of stain that you come across.





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