Sewing Machine Needle Guide


It’s really important to use the right machine needle in your sewing projects, but there aren’t many guides that are suitable for beginners and experienced sewists alike! I thoroughly researched everything that’s gone into this printable, so that it would be as helpful as I could possibly make it! If there’s anything that you’re unsure about or you’d like an opinion on which needle would be best for one of your personal projects, you can send me a message and I’ll offer my advice.

Here’s what you get:
– 3 A4 pages that you can print off as many times as you like
– Clear explanations and diagrams

The information covered:
– Different types of needles (e.g. universal, ballpoint). 12 types are covered, as well as which fabrics to use each type with.
– A table explaining the different sizes of needles, what the numbers mean and fabrics that are suitable for each size.
– What you need to think about before choosing a needle for a project.

I also have a blog post on that you can read to accompany this printable.


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