How to Remove Red Wine Stains

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This is an excerpt from The Little Book of Stain Removal, which is available to order in physical or eBook form from my shop. I know that you might be feeling too tipsy to deal with it right now, but try to follow these steps as best you can, given your situation. If you’ve managed […]

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How to Make Your Handmade Clothes Last

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Making your own clothes gives you a real advantage when it comes to making them last – I have no idea if this analogy is going to make sense (I know nothing about building houses), but we’ll just go with it. The process of actually making clothes – choosing the fabric and sewing it all […]

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Mend It Month – The Prompts

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Mending your clothes when they need some attention is, of course, going to keep them in service in your wardrobe for longer… but a lot of the time, that’s easier said than done! We usually start off with the best intentions – popping whatever needs fixing, finishing or adjusting in a neat little pile and […]

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Review: Worn Stories & Worn in New York


I’ve been a fan of the ‘Worn Stories’ project for a couple of years, and a have a habit of fervently checking the website once a week on the off chance that a new post might’ve popped up. There hasn’t been one for a while, but in the meantime the two books which have sprouted […]

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Difference Between Bio & Non-Bio Detergents

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A warning for you: I say ‘detergent’ a lot in this post! Please don’t make a drinking game out of it, or you might end up going to the hospital. We see adverts for biological and non-biological detergents everywhere – but what’s the difference between them and which should you be using? There are lots […]

February 6, 2018

Where to Buy Ethical Fabric Online (UK)


A lot of people have told me that a part of, if not the entire, reason that they sew is because they know that no workers are exploited in the making of their clothes, and that their garments are made in a way that’s as eco-friendly as possible. And it’s true – by making your […]

January 30, 2018

How To: Sashiko Embroidery

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Sashiko embroidery is something that I’m really interested in – so I thought I’d share the love with you! Sashiko embroidery, also known as sashiko mending – which is how I first heard of it, originated in Japan – with the word sashiko literally translating into ‘little stabs’. It’s used a lot to mend or […]

January 10, 2018