Pricing Guide & How It Works

How It’ll Work

So, how is Darn It going to work? I’ve done a lot of planning to make sure it’s as easy for you to get exactly what you want out of Darn It, whilst offering a collaborative and reasonably-priced service.

You and I will work together to make sure that your finished item turns out exactly as (or better than) you imagined. If you really have no idea what you’d like the finished thing to look like, you can just check the little box to say that you’re happy for me to make all of the creative decisions and let you sit back, relax and wait for your finished item to wing its way back to you.

  • Fill in the contact form, which will give me an outline of what sort of thing you might like, as well as a general budget you have for the mend, and whether you would like me to get back to you via a phone call, Facebook messenger, or email. 
  • I will reply to your query using whichever contact method specified as soon as possible, and will ask you to supply at least one of these three things – the more you can send over though, the better!
    • A photograph of the damage that you would like to be fixed
    • The rough measurements of the area to be mended
    • Any sketches or images that you have come across that you would like me to use as inspiration for the mend.
  • Then, we can figure out the details. We’ll talk reference pictures or sketches, decide on colours and threads, how you want it mended (visibly? Invisibly? A picture design or just stitches? Do you want some beads going on? Things like that), and what the turnaround time is likely to be. I’ll also send across the address that I will need you to post your garment to. You can post it using whichever method you fancy, but I would recommend using a trackable service if possible.
  • If the project is looking like it’ll be a ‘big job’ (see pricing guide below), I will ask for a 30% deposit before I start the mending.
  • Once I’ve received your item, I’ll let you know and get going! For more in-depth or complicated jobs, I will send progress photos to make sure you’re happy with how it’s going.
  • Before I send the garment back, I’ll send a final photo of the mend to make sure you’re happy, and then email across your invoice and ask for payment – please see below for an idea on how much it’ll be! 

How Prices Are Calculated:

Prices and quotes for mending will be broken down into three categories – amount of time spent on your item, materials used on your item, and return postage price for your item.

I will work out an initial quote based on the description you give of what you need mending, and what you would like me to do with it. Please bear in mind that the finished price may be slightly different to the price quoted, but it wouldn’t be anything drastic and I will let you know as soon as possible if there is any change.

  • How time spent will be charged: I will charge £8.50 per hour.
  • How materials will be charged: I will work out the value of the materials used for each project, including number of different colours and amount of embroidery thread, as well as any extras such as beads.
  • How postage will be charged: I will return all finished items to you using Royal Mail Signed for 2nd Class, or Royal Mail Tracked 48 if the item needs to be sent as a parcel.

Pricing References:

Both of the above mends were quite large tears, and took one hour each – final prices were £10 + shipping.

The above mend took an hour and a half (see right hand image for scale), and would be charged £16.25 for time and materials, plus postage.