Hello! Thank you very much for coming to Clothes Care Co – seeing as you’ve taken the time to visit this page, I think it’s only fair to go into enough detail as possible about where the idea for the website came from.

I’m Harriet, a vertically challenged (read: short) dressmaker, and for the last year and a half, have been blogging about the clothes that I make over at hobblinghandmades.com. I still do blog there, so if you’re interested you can go and visit that website later!

About a year into Hobbling Handmades, I realised that, while all of us in the sewing community were really putting everything into making our clothes, spending hours picking the right fabrics and patterns, no one was really talking about how to look after them once they were finished. If you wanted to find out how to wash a certain fabric, or how best to store a garment, there wasn’t any one place dedicated to that information. Instead, you needed to trawl through loads of sites to make sure that what you were reading was accurate, and that you weren’t going to end up ruining your clothes.

I decided, right then and there, that was going to start that website – looking after your clothes is something that I’ve always found quite interesting, and I knew that I’d (hopefully) be able to present the information clearly, in a way that other people wouldn’t find dull. I started my research in March 2017 and now, in January 2018, the site is launching!

The blog posts and products that I will provide now and in the future have all been thoroughly researched and as accurate as I could make them – I wanted to do all of the work so you didn’t have to – with the information within them applying both to clothes you’ve made yourself or bought from the shops.

I hope that you find everything here useful, and if you have any suggestions on what I should write in the future, please let me know!